Monday, November 24, 2008

VMware Fusion 2.0.1 - Tools update solution

After updating VMware Fusion 2.o to 2.o.1, I got a message that the VMware tools needed to be updated. I logged into the Win XP pro admin account on my virtual machine. Nope.... For some reason, to update this version of VMware Tools, you have to
- login in the Guest Account (I had to turn it on)
- select "Update VMware Tools" from the Virtual Machine drop down menu (other approaches to updating, i.e., form the VMware Tools Properties option don't seem to work)
- authorize the update by entering your admin username and password into a dialog box that will open
Then the VMware tools will update.
This is odd - perhaps only for those more used to Mac OS logic. Maybe posting here will save someone else a little time.

More update info:

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