Thursday, September 20, 2007

Water? Apple bluetooth headset washes well

Apple's Bluetooth headset is my first wireless headset. Its compact design makes it barely visible. No flashing lights and ear hook look. I only wear the headset when driving or sitting at my desk and need two hands for my keyboard. When I'm out, I often drop it into a shirt pocket between car rides.

Two days ago I got home, changed, and threw some clothes in the washer–including the shirt I wore during the day. When the wash was almost done, I realized that the headset was still in my shirt pocket, in the washing machine. When the load was done, Apple's little bluetooth headset lay at the bottom of the washing machine, clean as a whistle so to speak.

At first, the headset was unresponsive. I let the headset dry out for a day and a half. Then put it in Apple's Dual Dock charger. My iPhone recognized the headset and charged it up. Works fine. Relief.... Ah, technology.


cruzblogger said...

Wife just washed and dried mine (full 50 minute cycle).

First try it worked!

m4tti said...

My cat, put my one in his water. Was in there over night. He likes little smooth things :P
Next day, put the headset in my oven at 40ยบ, after in rice; but nothing, no way to get it work.
I wasn't that lucky :P
Now I get a new one from Apple and after 1 day using it, it has begun to constantly emit a 'white noise'. I hope I haven't to change it again...